Pet Odor and Stain Removal Service We understand how important your pet is to you and your family. That's why pet accidents and the odors they leave behind are even more frustrating. And because these odors are embedded in your carpets and upholstery, they can often attract your pet to "reoffend" again and again, creating a vicious cycle that leads to an embarrassing problem. Our Pet Odor Removal and Stain Removal Process. Step 1: Black Light Detection of Problem Areas Using a black light, we carefully examine all areas of your carpet and upholstery to detect the telltale signs of pet urine: The urine salts that have been deposited into the carpet and dried there will glow under the black light. This is the best way of locating all urine-contaminated areas. Step 2: Pre-Treatment with Protein-Digesting Solution Our pet odor specialists will then pre-treat your carpet or upholstery with a solution that breaks down the proteins in the urine, preparing them for removal. Step 3: Pet Odor and Stain Removal from carpets, rug and upholstery using Special Enzyme Cleaners We then use organic enzyme cleaners that work to microscopically break down, digest, and remove the odors and stains. Our methods do not simply mask unpleasant pet odors. They destroy the bacteria that cause the odors. IF WE CAN'T GET IT OUT, NO ONE CAN! Our Pacific Northwest carpet cleaning company has a reputation for getting out even the toughest stains, such as wine stains, pet stains, and kid stains. Our more than 20 years of experience has allowed us to encounter nearly every stain and odor in the book!